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Item #: EG1871
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A special experiment began for the 1966 and 1967 model year at Ford Motor Company. A test was underway to determine if a new assembly line method would help speed up production. This test, at the Dearborn and San Jose assembly plants consisted of attaching clamps to the radiator hoses to save the assemblers time. Note the "Pat Pend" stamp on the hoses. Virtually all Shelby GT350s should have this style of hose, along with most other 289 Mustangs.


These radiator hoses are made by an original OEM manufacturer to the latest SAE standards. They feature correct bends. The hoses have the original double-wire clamps stapled to the hose with the correct orientation as was done on original assembly line hoses. These are the only hoses with this feature. The logo and part number stamped on the hose are the correct ones. The part numbers and logo are printed with the correct font size and style to match the originals exactly.  Do not clean hoses with Armor-All or other products that contain solvent. We recommend cleaning by using a very dilute soapy water solution on a damp cloth with very light pressure.


This is a Ford Licensed product.

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