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Item #: SU199
Our Price: $129.95


These Traction Bar Kits are not copies.  They are made by Traction-Master™, the same company that originally made the traction bars for Shelby American for the original 1965 and 1966 GT350 Mustangs.


  • M-1 Cast Ends - Each genuine Traction-Master™ has the unique M-1 cast end.  These ends make a stronger bar that handles the most severe torque without distortion or splitting.
  • Stronger Bars - Traction-Masters™ are fabricated from 1.125" diameter steel tubing (since Jan. 2000).  Do not confuse these with copies made with smaller and thinner tubing.
  • Metal Active Gas Welds - All bars are MAG (Metal Active Gas) welded for total fusion and maximum strength.  MAG gases enables optimum fusion with characteristics of moderate to high wel metal deposition rates.
  • G-1 Polyurethane Bushings - Perfect fit to the original M-1 cast ends.  Maintains optimal performance by eliminating bushing slop.  Bushings are tough cast polyurethane with exacting tolerances.



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