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Item #: PE133
Our Price: $18.95


1968 Mustang Complete Rubber Plug Kit

Kit includes the following 38 pieces:


8  Seat Access Hole Plug                         Ford Part Number 377901-S

1  LH Upper Front Fender Apron Plug      Ford Part Number 377901-S

6  Front Fender Apron Plug                     Ford Part Number 376966-S

2  Transmission Cross Member Plug         Ford Part Number 376966-S

2  Front Radiator Support Plug                Ford Part Number 376966-S

2  Frame Rails at Sway Bar Plug              Ford Part Number 377977-S

1  LH Fender Aprong Behind Shock

    Tower Plug                                         Ford Part Number 377977-S

2  Rear Shock Access Hole Plug               Ford Part Number 378923-S

2  Inner Frame Rails Plug                        Ford Part Number 378770-S

2  Trunk Floor Pan Plug                           Ford Part Number 377949-S

2  Heater Hose Firewall Holes Plug

    (use on car with factory AC)                Ford Part Number 377678-S

2  Inner Frame Rails at Radiator Plug       Ford Part Number 377936-S

2  Rear Spring Front bolt Access Hole

    Plug                                                    Ford Part Number 377356-S

2  Quarter Panel Drain Valve Plug            Ford Part Number C7ZZ-6511202



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