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Item #: BK349
Our Price: $36.95


  • Meets or exceeds requirements of MIL. Spec., #MIL-B46176A, F.M.V.S.Std. #116, DOT-5 and SAE
  • Minimum west boiling point 500 Degrees F.
  • Does not absorb water or cause corrosion.
  • Compatible with systems previously containing Polyglycol based fluids
  • Will not affect painted surfaces
  • DOT 5 Silicone Brake Fluid cannot be added to a system currently containing DOT 3/4 Fluid.  Purge system before adding DOT 5.  Contamination with DOT 3/4 will destroy the advantages of DOT 5.  However, it will not affect the safety of the system.


Contents:  One Quart (32 ounces) - .946 liters (more than enough for two cars)



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