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Item #: DF30K
Our Price: $27.95


If you're not sure exactly which decals you need or don't want to go through the hassle of picking each decal out, just get one of these kits.

Includes the following decals:

DF-194  65-73 Mustang Battery OK Decal

DF-346  70 Mustang Service / Shock Tower Decal

DF-325  68-73 Mustang Autolite Air Cleaner Decal

DF-224  65-70 Mustang Autolite Coil Decal

DF-348  Mustang Autolite Voltage Regulator Decal

DF-78    69-70 Mustang Jack Instruction with Regular Wheels Decal

DF-147  Late 70 Mustang Tire Pressure Decal

DF-284  65-73 Mustang Rear Tie-Down Shipping Label Decal

DF-36    65-73 On Jack Decal

DF-31    67-73 Mustang Caution Fan Decal

DF-149  Mustang Air Cleaner Service Instruction Decal

DF-150  Mustang Front Air Cleaner Decal

**Not included are Air Cleaner Cubic Inch Decal  AND  Air Conditioner Decals** 


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