Item #: ER81
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  • Now in stock from Scott Drake, FoMoCo Halogen Headlamps featuring authentic Ford markings and upgraded Halogen performance.
  • This is a reproduction of a very desirable and rare version headlamp used on Classic Mustangs. We took NOS new original Ford bulbs and duplicated them in appearance while improving them with Halogen lighting technology. Halogen headlamps produce more than double the lighting power of original Tungsten bulbs. Perfect for drivers or trailer queens, a great safety improvement while maintaining an original look.
  • Over the years Ford offered two FoMoCo script versions: one sand blasted etched logo, and the other a prominent molded in FoMoCo logo about 7/8 inch wide. We chose to reproduce the rare, highly sought molded in logo version, which is more attractive and easier to read.
  • Approved by Ford as an Official Licensed Product.
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