65-70  (65-66 GT350) Brake Shoes 10 x 2 1/2 Premium Professional Grade
Item #: BK2751
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Description & Details

The original rear brake shoes on the 1965 and 1966 GT350s were semi-metallic and sectioned across the shoes.
While I am super picky about the little details, I also like parts that function properly for their intended use.
These brake shoes fit that idea perfectly.
The lining is a premium grade that works well even when they are fairly cold.
I replaced original shoes (yeah, from 1965!) with these, and the difference was certainly noticeable.
The lining is riveted on like the original.
These fit the 10 x 2 1/2 inch rear brake drums on the early Shelbys, but, of course, will work on other Mustangs using this size.
One set does both axles.
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